AquaGrow Irrigation in brief

AquaGrow is our self developed watering system. It is an underfloor irrigated system for outdoor and soil crops or a flooding system for container crops with many sustainable and ecological advantages.

AquaGrow is equally suitable for container cultures, hors-sol production or cultivation directly in the topsoil.

enviroment friendly



Foil Tunnels


Outdoor Crops

Advantages of AquaGrow

General information

  • Sustainability
    • used water, rainwater, groundwater, river water or water from desalination units can be used in addition to fresh water
    • excess water is recirculated
  • suitable for all types of greenhouses, foil tunnels and open-air cultivation
  • simple conversion of existing greenhouses possible
  • automatic control through sensor technology
  • direct fertilization with liquid fertilizers, automation possible
  • suitable for flowers, vegetables, fruit and ornamental plants
  • irrigation is from below and reaches the plant roots directly
  • once set up, the system can be used indefinitely for several plant growing periods
  • low maintenance and durable
  • scalable, usable and expandable for areas of different sizes
  • portable; the system can be resumed and relocated at any time


  • stable mats allow direct traffic through machines
  • resilience of the mats up to 30 t
  • more efficient working
  • different cultivation techniques possible:
    - Plant container
    - Hors-sol production
    - directly in the topsoil
  • fewer personnel and better working conditions
  • solid straight position of the growing containers: less rejects due to plants growing crooked


  • sensors measure whether the earth contains sufficient moisture
  • excess rainwater is fed back into the tanks
  • no water logging
  • No water loss due to evaporation as with sprinkling
  • no leaf fire in midsummer due to wet
  • even irrigation of the entire area
  • preheating of water to e.g. 22° possible