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Irrigation Systems for Professional Plant Breeding
by PHG Intrnational

We are a company that spezialises in particularly sustainable irrigation systems for professional use. The specially developed AquaGrow has several advantages over conventional irrigation systems and is highly flexible, suitable for both closed areas (greenhouses) and outdoor areas (foil tunnels, open land).

Irrigation is carried out via a water circuit in which excess water is returned to the tank. This prevents water logging. Fresh water can be used, but also groundwater, rainwater, used water or river water. Even water from desalination plants can be used.

Irrigation takes place from below, i.e. the water reaches its destination directly without evaporation: the plant roots. The complete control is either fully automatic or manual, depending on what is desired.

Our system is open for expansion: it can be extended with liquid fertilization (manual or automated), or the water can be pre-tempered, an interesting option for foil tunnels and outdoor crops to extend the growth phases.

We will be happy to explain all the possibilities and advantages of AquaGrow for professional plant cultivation. Give us a call and make an appointment:

Phone: +49 (0)151 65075905

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AquaGrow Irrigation System

AquaGrow for professional plant, fruit and vegetable cultivation. Can be used in closed systems and in the field with different cultivation methods.




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Would you like to know more?

Get in touch with us, by phone or e-mail. We would be pleased to explain the advantages of our irrigation system to you, also on site.

AquaGrow mats from own production

You will find one of the great advantages in the AquaGrow mats we use. These are manufactured in our own factory.

The special advantage of our mats lies in their durability and strength. The mats are robust enough to be driven on by machines without any problems and without the substrate shifting or crushing.

This means that the cultivated areas can be managed much more effectively and quickly, and plant containers always have a perfect stand. This leads to straight growth of the plants and fewer rejects. Less manpower is required and the working posture is more gentle.

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